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subconscious mind

What is Subconscious Mind?

Subconscious Mind is the part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness.

Subconscious Mind, also called the storage area or the bunk bed, is a reservoir where all experiences are stored. Thus an entire experience ranging from the childhood phase to present age is stored in this bed. It has a key role towards the external presentations and behaviors of an individual.

While most of us are aware that we have something called a subconscious mind within us. there are very few of us who know much more than that about it, let alone how to harness it. This is unfortunate, for your subconscious mind can and should be a great ally in achieving success in your life.

All you need do is to establish a working relationship with your subconscious mind.

In order to do this, one must become conscious and familiar with this hidden, mysterious aspect of ourselves, and the role it plays in our life.

The subconscious mind holds a total mind capacity of eighty eight to ninety percent.

Creative side of an individual, understanding, balance, rationalisation, maturity, amongst many others, originates out of the subconscious mind which is wired with the right side of the brain. 

Similarly, it is at this layer where beliefs, limiting pattern, conditioning, outlook and perception towards life are stored.

Subconscious, if tuned is a very powerful tool that can be projected to grow thoughts that are fully responsible in transforming ones’ life.

The subconscious holds the core towards all our external presentations and behaviors.

Deeper in the bed of the subconscious, is also the level of unconscious where the imprints, actions and learnings connected to previous life times are stored.

When there is a repetitive mode of difficulties in life which pertains to karma of the past life births, or unexplained, undiagnosed medical conditions of mind and life are involved; an answer can easily be obtained from the unconscious mind.

Prameela Sreemangalam

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About Prameela Sreemangalam

Mind Scan, is a concept and vision of Ms.Prameela Sreemangalam, who transpired into the area of private practice in 2009, following a ten year long, strong career with the leading airlines of India. She holds a Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Madras, certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from CHII (California Hypnosis Institute in India) and authorized as a NLP practitioner from NFNLP / USA. A strong believer of life and it’s spirituality, she was always keen to know, understand connect that one has with their individual self and their outlook towards life. She was interested in all the beings around, the nature and life itself which was always a personal quest, though the environment in which one is very closely connected is the link of ones’ life.

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