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Skin Care Tips

Skin care tips for winter season

Skin care Tips for winter season.

Winter season started as soon as the skin and hair related problem seem to be.
The skin becomes dry and cold callousness of hair seem to come. Although some easy ways to get rid of such problems can be found. there is few Skin care Tips suggested by one of the dermatologist for winter season and also We will try to learn and how the right care can make from One of the skin centre director of mumbai‎.

Avoid Bathing in hot water.

There is no doubt that a hot tub in the winter is pleasing but natural oil from the skin can lose and can dry skin instead take a bath with warm water is good idea. You emollient in the water bath can be found. An hour before the oil massage bath is also a food idea. It will not dry the skin after bathing. White petroleum jelly is a good option for dry skin.

Apply Moisturiser.

To keep the skin hydrated and soft, apply good Moisturiser, apply once in day on hand, feet, nails and lips and keep on. The Ejaculation of lips is very common in ‎cold, to keep soft lips you can apply lip balm or Desi ghee is good option.

Use Anti Dandruff Shampoo ‎for hair care.

In winter season dandruff and hair fall is common problem, to avoid hair fall, dryness and dandruff use anti dandruff shampoo at least twice in week.

Wear cotton clothes under woollen garments.

Wearing woollen clothes in winter may not be suitable for all, before wearing any woollen garment must be worn underneath a cotton clothes. If you have any skin problem or allergies, you must consult dermatologist for what kind of clothes you should wear.

Apply Sunscreen lotion

As you might heard that sunscreen can be use only in summer, but it’s wrong, because sunscreen can be use daily to keep your body smooth.

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