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My First Drive From Pune to Ratnagiri

Pune to Ratnagiri

As it was month of June, and there was vastu puja at my elder brother’s office at Ratnagiri.
my brother invited means informed prior almost fortnight before, and it was completion to be there, but this time I wanted to go because it was my first trip to ratnagiri and Ganpatiphule as well, as its new company joined just 2 months back and applied for leave. God bless to my manager he approved it without any question or objection.
Function was on 13th of june and my Brother call me on 7th June, and I was Riding my bike towards Virar, my brother asked me will you be able to drive from Pune to Ratnagiri ? Guys what to say..!! I love to Drive as long as possible, I said yes I can and I will, he said but have you ever drove in ghats ? Yes I said..then what guys I just fall in my thought process, as I never drove in ghats but yes but I drive safe with road discipline, I was so excited not for function rather I was about to drive almost 325 kms from pune to ratnagiri…again in Ghats..and guys my all friends always appreciate my driving but my wife she always have question on my Driving ability, so i kept secret that I am going to drive from pune to ratnagiri..if not so then I would’ve cancelled my trip, I my lips was zipped specially to say that I am going to drive.
It was 11th I got Hirkani from thane to pune waited long for Shivneri AC from thane to Pune very comfortable option for Punekar or Mumbaikar leave every after half an hour from Vandana Bus Stop will charge Rs. 420, so I took Hirkani Non AC from Vandana bus stop Thane to Pune swargate will charge you Rs. 230.

We reached pune at 2pm, and I was thinking only one thing the plan should not change for any sack of reason me I don’t want someone else to drive, finally I stared from home, with my Dad, my Sister and my wife..she in shock..will you drive..I just answer politely..yes god…she don’t have any option..she started praying to all the god and I guess..and it was true.

Friends, it was amazing driving experience we left pune by 3.30pm and I was following my brother’s car as he want me follow and I should be in speed control but it was was 100 to 110KMPH it was smooth drive while leaving pune on Satara Road there is small Ghat..for just 10 Min menas 7 to 8 kms, and again National Highway, we had our our 1st Halt at small Food court and had tea and brunch. We started again and we drove almost 130 kms then took right from Karad it was narrow road it was single street light  and the main Ghat start, it single track but good road So after around 2 hours of journey, after Satara, as my brother gave signal to wait and we had tea. My dad, sister and specially my wife were enjoying with various food items like sev kurmura and gathia in car itself.
There are Kumbarli ghats its single track road need to be very careful specially in sharp and curved turns, and I decided my speed not to cross 40 kmph in turns. I myself violated it multiple times. We saw monkeys on the ghat roads and my wife was seeing monkeys for the first time while I was driving and sitting next to me
At 10:30 pm, we were just entering Ratnagiri. There was just one Break and One break for tea, I thought my brother decided to have dinner at on Road Dhaba but by the time we reached at Ratnagiri. I was tired by driving and lake of sleep almost for 2 night, I had my dinner, thanks god everything was ready. And I slept..wake up at morning, there was raining not raining it was dizling, we were free by 2pm so decided to visit Ganapatiphule my brother advise to take Driver along, but I had different plan I asked everyone to get in car, my sister, Jija, one more sister, and kids, innova was full then I took Bike exactly what I wanted, my wife was so happy, she always think that I should avoid car driving..anyway it take 40 min from Ratnagiri to malgund – Ganpatiphule just 27km from my brother’s office.

we all proceeded to the sea-beach and reached there by around 4:45 pm. I thought that we were reaching bit early, but already there were hundreds of people on the beach !!
Finally we reached to Ganapatiphule, it was friday so we could not found rush and in just 10 min we had Darshan of Lord Ganesha the temple on sea shore facing west, and then we move to beach

Everyone was  enjoying playing in the beach for long and they didn’t want to come up. We thought that as the sun is set, it would be around 7. But amazingly we found that it was just 6:15 pm. We went back to ratnagiri, there was one more function in the morning there was Vastu puja at my Brother’s office. But I tired had my dinner and went for deep sleep, next day by 4pm we left Ratnagiri and proceed towards pune..again the same road same Ghats..but it was pleasent evening and most importantly my wife was very comfortable and enjoying, as she couldn’t enjoyed but this time she felt that I am very good in Drive..we had our Dinner at Food plaza as it was 10.30..we reached pune home by 12 and what..Good Night..


Ganapatipule From Mumbai 330Kms Via NH66

Ganapatipule From Pune  326Kms Via NH4

Resorts at Ganpatipule

MTDC Resort,Ganpatipule

Toll Free No: 1800 – 229930
Reservation Office No (Mumbai ): 022 – 22845678

Pune : 020-26126867/8169
Aurangabad :0240-2343169/2331198
Nashik :0253-2570059
Ratnagiri :02352-221508/227977
Nagpur :0712-2533325
Amravati :0721-2661611/12



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