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Prameela Sreemangam – PAM

Mind Scan, is a concept and vision of Ms.Prameela Sreemangalam, who transpired into the area of private practice in 2009, following a ten year long, strong career with the leading airlines of India.

She holds a Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Madras, certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from CHII (California Hypnosis Institute in India) and authorized as a NLP practitioner from NFNLP / USA.

A strong believer of life and it’s spirituality, she was always keen to know, understand connect that one has with their individual self and their outlook towards life. She was interested in all the beings around, the nature and life itself which was always a personal quest, though the environment in which one is very closely connected is the link of ones’ life.

What preceded her journey into the emerging, adaptable, yet mystic field of science was about her own personal experiences that she faced through the death of her near ones. Where do we come from and where do we go? Is there a life beyond? Why do beings experience emotional blockages, physical illnesses, setbacks and hardships in life?
Why do some beings are blessed and equally some unfortunate? Is there a thought that needs to be known within to know this? She questioned almost everything with a keen awareness towards learning. And thus, as it is said, “When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears!” and she began to acquire her evolved learnings.

Her learnings majorly came with the experiences of her life and then her clients, such that in a limited span of five and half years’ of time, she covered over three thousands’ of personal clientele sessions, spread along in her clinical practice and multitudes of which got connected further through corporate, institutional and school workshops.

Her journey did not end there,  because life projected to her the bigger learnings that helped her to know that life is always beyond, much more than the perceptions of a man and that most of the times, human beings operate out of the emotional gratification needs of ones’ mind that is called the ‘Viveka’ in Sanskrit.
And as one connects to the higher perception of life, they are able to let go of their ego, of the need to dominate and operate only for their personal gratification and willing to forgive and help all beings. In the light of this perception, a human being operates out into the wisdom mode, which is called ‘Virajya’ in Sanskrit.

Further ahead, she established a stronger relation of connect with her ancestors who had departed from the world at various stages of her life. They helped her establish further connect with a whole new world of beings which is known to the mankind as the astral or the netherworld. This opened her channels further as many grieving beings upon earth began to experience recluse through the messages and answers from their departed beings which once was a limiting question. And then with messages from close beings of environment, guides as astral beings, masters and angels in awareness, she penned a best seller debut book titled, “A Tryst with Human Mind”, a book meant for healing of mind, life, karma and medical problems also aiding in ones’ shift and spiritual evolution.

She went ahead to write another book titled, “The Life Al Kimiya”, a fiction book based on rising from the deepest low of life, with a mystical journey to an ancient land of extinct Harappa civilization that gets resurrected back to life, and ultimately the main character of the book connects back to the light of God. The book released on Amazon on April 3rd 2015.

She has started penning her next title, “Messages from Ancestors”.

She is been contributing to the society through television media, magazines, social media platforms and many other groups.

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