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night shift affect health

How Night Shift affect Health

Night Shift affect Health, Lifestyle, Social Life even Marriage Life, yes its true, as I am sharing my personal experience working at International BPO.

Let us Know how Night shift affect Health, IT and BPO (Business Process Outsource) industry has boomed in India. due to there is influx of working at nights. But you know that working at night is very bad impacts on your health?

But working at night, why are so different than working in a day? Even you are sleeping equally, this is because our bodies naturally work day and night to rest remains the same, and it is run according to the same rules.

But as soon as you suddenly change your sleep and work time, your brain has to change the entire programming which is very difficult. Consequently, it is the whole system goes haywire and it adversely working at Night shift affect Health.

Difficulty in sleeping

The brain’s sleep cycle has a right to run a rule and at the same per night to sleep at a certain time emits hormones. But when you do not respond to it and eventually it affects your sleep insomnia and sleep disorders and several other diseases can be occurs due to sleeping disorder.

Stress and depression

Many people who work at night, it was found that he is not able to balance his family and social relationships. In fact, the symptoms of insomnia and upset in social relationship and employment called social relationships disorder (SWSD). It might be even negative impact on marriage life and child rearing due to working in night shift. All these cause will direct you to stress or depression and in some cases you may be a victim of clinical depression.

Digestive problems

Along with the sleeping time Dinnertime also has to change. When you fall asleep, your system works slowly and it takes very little energy. But when you are awake at night and your body continues to function correctly then system require more and more energy. Consequently you feel hungrier. Because of this change came in eating your toilet is also affected, which increases the chances of acidity and constipation.

The risk of lifestyle-related illnesses

Some research has shown that lifestyle-related diseases are responsible for your night shift. By working at night, there are many chances for blood pressure, heart related diseases, and increases the chances of getting colon cancer. Working at night shift is even worse for women in particular, and irregular periods and increases the risk of breast cancer.

Increases the risk of accident and injuries

Working at Night shift may affect your performance because the day than at night decreases your ability to stay focused and alert. And who sleep in day due to night shift for them risk is higher for accident or injuries.

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