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Mewar Festival Udaipur In India

Mewar Festival Udaipur

Mewar festival is celebrated every year with lots of joy and happiness by the people of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India to welcome the coming of the spring season (king of the seasons). It is the 2nd World Living Heritage Festival of the India which is celebrated annually in the Udaipur. It is a three days long and full of fun filled activities from 2nd of April to the 4th of April. It is celebrated in the heritage city of India called Udaipur to lead an ancient culture and traditions of the India as well as to protect all the ancient living heritages of the Mewar, Rajasthan.

Udaipur is one of the famous, iconic and romantic destinations of the India for the tourists, located at the bank of Lake, Pichola and surrounded by the beautiful and amazing hills. It is very famous for having lots of sanctuary-resorts and celebrates yearly a 2nd World Living Heritage Festival, Mewar festival. Mewar festival celebration provides everyone a unique opportunity to review all the living heritages of the Mewar like arts, folk music, dance, food, festivities, colors, culture diversity and etc.

How Mewar Festival is Celebrated

Mewar festival is celebrated every year by organizing lots of fun filled activities showing tradition, culture and arts renewal of the Mewar region. A colorful event of the rang is organized every year to celebrate the living heritages of the Mewar. People get indulge in this event and enjoy this fun-filled opportunity to get participated in the festival as well as learn local arts directly from the professional artists.

Variety of seminars are also organized to deal with the traditional craft arts aiming to combine it with the modern and contemporary styles in order to recreate the new versions from age-old arts and crafts in the Mewar. It provides an opportunity to the craftspeople to get together for whole 3 days to show their qualities and get new attempt to renew their talent in order to strengthen the significant historic arts and crafts to make possible the new developments in the new era. The festival is organized by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable foundation aiming to continue the process of heritage preservation.

Another organized event is rangoli means a colorful presentation of the food and beverages through the HRH Group of Hotels. Professional chefs are there to recreate the cultural, traditional and colorful dishes of the food. Folk music (including classical vocal and instrumental music) and classical dance performances are also organized by the professionals throughout the whole three days of the festival where professional artists are getting invited from all over the India to perform their talents.


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