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Mahalaxmi Temple – Kolhapur

Before visiting Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur, I visited Mahalaxmi Temple at Dahanu, this Temple Located at Dahanu right on NH-08; Mahalaxmi Temple is well visited all through the year especially on weekends and during holiday or festive season.

After visiting Mahalaxmi Temple, Dahanu, my wife insist for Mahalaxmi Temple at Kolhapur.

Truly speaking I never heard about this temple so I just google it, but I couldn’t get appropriate result on google at that time in year 2002.

After that I asked many of my friends about Mahalaxmi Temple at Kolhapur, so I told my wife we will visit soon, I love to visit temples or pilgrims in india as much as I can. Even I plan many times but I failed due to workload or some other reasons.

Finally I was in Ratnagiri, I went to Ganpatipule, and kolhapur at just 123 km by road from Ratnagiri. I told my wife why don’t we plan for deewali shopping at Kolhapur because she don’t want to buy anything from Ratnagiri, because if you belongs to mumbai than how you enjoy deewali shopping at Ratnagiri ?

Finaly we plan for Kolhapur for both the reason, my 1st priority was to take shree Mahalaxmi Darshan and 2nd Shopping for my beloved wife.

As decided I asked driver to reach home by 5.30 in early morning but it was to late we went for sleep, so wake up at 6 and started by 7.30 from Ratnagiri Reached Hatkhambha in just 10 min and we took Right towards Goa on NH204, via Amba Ghat and Malkapur, we reached by 9.30 because we didn’t took any break between as we were already late.

We started in Queue for Darshan, as Navratra has just finished one day before so there were no such rush for darshan, there are 2 separate Qs for Darshan, one Gents and other is for ladies, hardly it took 1hour in Queue, and we had beautiful Darshan of goddess Mahalaxmi.

Mahalaxmi Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra is among one of the Shakti peeth, listed in various puranas of Hinduism.

The Kolhapur Shakti Peetha is of special religious significance being one of the six places where it is believed that one can either obtain salvation from desires or have them fulfilled.

It is said that both Shri Lakshmi and Shri Vishnu reside in the Karveer area eternally and shall not leave even at the time of Mahaprayakala. This region is therefore also referred to as an avimuktakshetra. Karveer region is eternally blessed and is believed to be held by Mother Jagdambe in her right hand, and so this region is protected from all destruction. Lord Vishnu himself adores this region more than Vaikiuntha or the Kshirsagar since it is the home of his consort Lakshmi. According to popular legends, Mahalakshmi left Vaikuntha and arrived at Kolhapur on hearing that Lord Venkatesh (Vishnu) her beloved husband failed to take action against sage Bhrigu for his horrific behaviour towards him. An angry Mahalakshmi is said to have observed strict penance in Kolhapur for several years until upon hearing the news of her husband being married to Tirumala Padmavati, another avatar of Mahalaskhmi.

The deity of the Goddess Mahalakshmi is made of gemstone and is considered to be at least 7 to 8 Thousand years old. It weighs about 40 kilos. The precious stones that adorn the deity indicate the antiquity of the deity. The platform of the Goddess Mahalakshmi is made of stone.

Mahalaxmhi had a fight with her husband and she settled in Kolhapur. She had no roof over her head, so her loyal servants, who were demons, built her a big temple with beautiful carvings made of stones from the lake Rankala within one night. The people treated her very well, and so she promised that there would be no poverty. No person in Kolhapur will remain poor. The temple is in the same condition.

Almost all the idols of the God face the north or the east directions, whereas here the Idol faces the west. The small window on the western wall, which is open. Once a year, the rays of the Sun during sunset fall on the face of the image through this window. This period lasts for three days, each time, the 21st, of the months of March and September. This period is considered extremely auspicious, the Devotees throng the temple on all the three evenings the temple for a glimpse of the beautiful image bathing in the golden rays of the setting sun.

Special event is celebrated by thousands of people as ‘KiranUtsav’. Every year this festival is celebrated on the following days at evening: 31 January 1 February 2 February 9 November 10 November 11 November.

Different Types of Pujas, Darshan & Timings

Poojas Offered Timings
Ghantanaad-ringing of the temple bells 04.00 AM, 8.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 7.30 PM, 9.30 PM
Ghantanaad in the month of Kartik 02.00 AM
Ghantanaad on Tripuri Pournima 02.00 AM
Opening 05.00 AM
Closing 10.00 PM
Opening in Kartik month and on Tripuri Pournima 02.45 AM
Closing in Kartik month and on Tripuri Pournima 10.30 PM
closing of the outer doors of temple 11.00 PM
Closing of the outer doors of temple in Kartik month and on Tripuri Pournima 11.30 PM


How to Reach

By Train

Kolhapur is on the Pune-Miraj-Kolhapur section of the Central Railway. The railway station is named after Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Be sure while booking Ticket Online Search in the railway or IRCTC website as “C Shahumharaj T” station code- KOP, instead of city name Kohlapur, else you will not find it. It is well connected with all the important cities in India. Mahalakshmi, Koyna and Sahyadri express connect Mumbai to Kolhapur and they run daily. Miraj is the near most major railway station and is well connected to important cities in india. From Kolhapur Railway Station, there are daily trains for Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Tirupati, while weekly trains also run for Delhi, Ahmedabad and Dhanbad.

By Road

Kolhapur lies on National Highway 4 (NH4), which connects Mumbai to Bangalore.

Mumbai to Kolhapur is an 8 hours drive by road.

Pune to Kolhapur is around 3 hours journey by private car, while bus takes around 4 hours.

The road is excellent and almost like Pune-Mumbai express highway.

MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) has buses running every 30 minutes from Pune to Kolhapur and Kolhapur to Pune.

Similar Options are available from Pune. The Private/State Buses and shared Taxis , all start from Swar-Gate in Pune which is a large bus/transport hub to the south of Pune.

From south side, there are direct buses (private and state-owned) from almost all places from Karnataka, including Bengaluru, Belgaon, Mangalore, Hubli etc.

By Air

Kingfisher airlines have a daily flight around 9 am from Mumbai, which cost around 3000 INR.

Hotels in Kolhapur

Hotel Maratha Regency – Near Sasne Ground, New Sahupuri, Kolhapur.

The Pavilion Hotel – 392, Assembly Road, Near Basant Bahar Theatre, Kolhapur.

Hotel Samrat – Near S T Stand, Kolhapur


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