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murud janjira

Magnificent Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira, i am sharing my experience of Riding to Murud after my previous post about Ladakh my ride to Ladakh.

Murud Janjira, the magnificent Moments very well described by D’ Prohdigal Son, and we have wonderful reason to read and to see stunning snap shots by D’ Prohdigal Son at amazing fort at Murud.

Few forts in maharashtra have a history as exciting as Murud Janjira. The fort belonged to a dynasty of siddhis who are believed to have their origin in Abyssiniya, in far north Africa.

At a distance of 150kms from mumbai, Murud Janjira now serve as an ideal weekend getaway. Murud can be visited through out the year.

Murud Beach

Murud Beach is one of the best and beautiful beaches in the alibaug region with vast experience of soft sand beach with the murud janjira silhouetting the horizon murud paints a pretty picture and is fantastic weekend destination.

A temple dedicated to Dattatraya is located atop a hillock in murud. Though murud is cooperatively much farther away than other alibaug beaches the longer travel time is definitely worth the effort as I did.

Murud is approximately 150km from mumbai and 200 km from pune.

One can either take the alibaug route passing through kashid to reach murud janjira or take the roha route to reach murud janjira however distance would remain the same in both the route.

If you passionate to travel on bike the way I am. You will never ask the route, you will find your own route.

but still I would suggest to all my friends, the fort can be accessible from Rajpuri 4 km from murud, by sail boats and murud beach is about 1km from murud state transport bus stand.

guys hope you will enjoy with ultimate flicks of fort ans canon which you will find rarely..Happy reading and happy weekend..

D’Prohdigal Son

About D'Prohdigal Son

D'Prohdigal Son, A roadie who loves to walk the muddy village inroads as much as he loves to burn the rubber on the highway asphalt and longs to sleep under a star-studded sky as much as he yearns to ride out at day break. His to-do list includes hitting all the highways marked on the Indian map, watching the sun rise over all those unadulterated tribal hills tucked in remote countryside, wetting his bare feet on all those lovely beaches still left untouched by greedy commercialisation and tickling his taste buds with those simple foods prepared with that extra ingredient called hospitality before he hits the final milestone to meet his creator. Come, be a part of this journey to discover his inner soul through the twist of the bullet throttle. D'Prohdigal Son – The Roadie

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