Monday , July 23 2018

Every Minutes upadte, Clinton 209; Trump 244, needs 26 electoral votes to be US President

The voting for the 45th US presidential elections gets underway. One enduring theme of the campaign has been how unpopular both candidates are, and it’s pretty clear that the campaign didn’t change the voters’ minds about that.

10:35 am: Trump now needs 26 electoral votes to become US President.

10.30 am: S&P Futures falls 5 percent. Trading suspended until 8 pm IST. Dow futures tumble 800 points.

10.25 am: With Trump’s apparent Florida win, all eyes are now on Michigan which carries 16 electoral votes. The state last saw a Republican win in 1988. Pennsylvania another important state with 20 electoral votes.

10.20 am: Trump racing ahead. Now leads in 244 seats. Indian markets face fresh sell-offs. Sensex down over 900 points.

10.05 am: JPMorgan says Trump victory going to be more shocking than Brexit.

10:00 am: Trump retains lead, in 238 now, wins Georgia. Clinton in 209 seats.

9:45 am: Indian indices recover from day’s lows. Sensex and Nifty now down about 3 percent each.

9:42 am: Score now at 216 for Trump and 197 for Clinton.

9:35 am: Trump back in the game, now in 201 seats, wins North Carolina; Clinton in 190.

9:33 am: Clinton takes the lead in 209 seats, wins California, Hawaii, Virginia, Oregon. Trump now in 187, wins Idaho.

9:26 am: Nikkei down nearly 5 percent. Gold rallies higher, gains 3.35 percent.

9:24 am: Trump leads in 197, wins key state of Florida. Clinton in 131.

9:20 am: Mild recovery in Indian markets, now 500 points off lows. Sensex down a little over 1,000 points.

9:17 am: Clinton leads in 131, wins Colorado. Trump leads in 168.

9:15 am: Market crashes in opening trade, Sensex tanks 1,600 points or nearly 6 percent. Nifty down over 500 points. Midcap index down 8 percent.

9:11 am: Trump has 89 percent chance of becoming President as of poll data up to

9:00 am IST, as per NYT.

9:10 am: Indian market tanks in pre-opening session; Sensex down 1,340 points now.

9.08 am: Indian rupee opens at 66.80 per dollar; slips 18 paise.

9:05 am: Dow futures dips further, down 750 points now.

8:55 am: Trump wins 17 Seats; Clinton wins 12 so far.

8:48 am: Dow futures nosedives over 600 points. Trump leads in 168, takes Ohio.

8:47 am: Gold rallies to 5-week top. Spot gold was up 2.9 percent at USD 1,311.80 an ounce by 0235 GMT. Bullion peaked at USD 1,312.80, its strongest since October 4.

8:42 am: Mexican peso plunges nearly 10 percent to record low versus USD.

8:38 am: Clinton inching ahead, takes lead in 109 seats, wins New Mexico. Trump hits 150.

8:32 am: Trump racing forward, leads in 140 seats. Clinton still at 104.

8:28 am: Huge gap-down opening likely for Indian markets; SGX Nifty down over 3 percent in early trade.

8:25 am: Trump has 55 percent chance of becoming President as of poll data till

8:00 am, says New York Times.

8:18 am: Oil prices trending lower ahead of poll outcome. After seesawing early, Brent prices were trading down over 2 percent from their last settlement, at USD 45.11 per barrel at 0231 GMT.

8:15 am: Asian markets heading lower. Nikkei sheds close to 2.8 percent.

8:10 am: Trump takes the lead in 137 seats, wins Kentucky, South Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia.

8:05 am: Dow futures plunges 500 points as election tighter than expected. Nikkei, Hang Seng slip more than 1 percent each.

8:00 am: Of the 94 percent votes counted so far in Florida Trump leads by 1.4 lakh votes.  7:55 am: Hillary Clinton wins 10 seats: Rhode Island, Illinois, New York, Connecticut. Trump wins 15 seats: Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, The Dakotas, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska.

7:46 am: Donald Trump  wins Okhlahoma, Missouri, Mississippi

7:46 am: Hillary Clinton wins New York and Connecticut

7:45 am: Clinton leads in 97 and Trump leads in 123; Trump leading in Florida

7:40 am Hillary Clinton  set to win in New York

7:35 am FII view: Khoon Goh of ANZ Research said that he sees the dollar paring back recent gains. Markets will be choppy until the outcome of the US polls. The yen will be a currency which will swing depending on the outcome, he said. A Trump win will see a risk-off environment. Other risk-sensitive currencies like Mexican Peso will be sensitive to Trump’s odds of victory. The US Dollar index will see an upside on a Clinton win. But if Trump prevails, then there will be a move down to 97 levels.

7:30 am Outlook: Speaking to CNBC-TV18 Ian Hui, JPMorgan Asset Management said that it is too early to call on US elections . “Keep an eye on Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania,” he said, adding that if Clinton wins, it will be a continuation of status quo. But if Trump wins, it will be seen as a headwind for the market. He also said that Modi’s move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has been a surprise announcement. It will be seen as a positive move in the fight against corruption, he said.

7:25 am Donald Trump leading by over 1 lakh votes in Florida

7:20 am Republicans retain control of the house

7:15 am Hillary Clinton wins Rhode Island & Illinois

7:10 am: With voting underway in many states, CNN reported that Hillary was leading Trump by 68 to 48 electoral college votes. Polling has closed in Georgia, Virginia, Ohio as well as South and North Carolina, besides the aforementioned four states. To win the presidential election, a candidate needs 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

7:00 am Currency reacts: The Mexican peso, which has been closely watched during the election campaign as a barometer of the markets’ expectation of a Trump win, weakened against the dollar to as low as 18.45, falling from an earlier session high of 18.24.

6:55 a.m: Marco Rubio to win bid for re-election in Florida

6:50 a.m: Trump wins South Carolina  6:45 a.m: Trump wins Indiana, Kentucky; Clinton takes Vermont

6:30 a.m: Polls have just closed in 16 states and DC.

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