Monday , July 23 2018

D’Prohdigal Son

D’Prohdigul Sohn, operations head for one of the top physical security providers in the country, lets his spirit run loose and burn the rubber on Indian roads.

A roadie who loves to walk the muddy village inroads as much as he loves to burn the rubber on the highway asphalt and longs to sleep under a star-studded sky as much as he yearns to ride out at day break.

His to-do list includes hitting all the highways marked on the Indian map, watching the sun rise over all those unadulterated tribal hills tucked in remote countryside, wetting his bare feet on all those lovely beaches still left untouched by greedy commercialisation and tickling his taste buds with those simple foods prepared with that extra ingredient called hospitality before he hits the final milestone to meet his creator.


Come, be a part of this journey to discover his inner soul through the twist of the bullet throttle.

D’Prohdigul Sohn – The Rodeos


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