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cavalry tank museum

Cavalry Tank Museum – Ahmednagar

This Post is all about The Cavalry Tank Museum at Ahmednagar, which is established by the Armorer Corps center and school in 1994 is one of its kind in Asia.

It was sweet morning in mumbai when we left for Cavalry Tank Museum – Ahmednagar on our bikes with my friend Pankaj. we plan to start little early because wanted to capture morning view of Malshet Ghat.

Malshet Ghat is mountain pass in the western Ghat range in the Thane district of Maharashtra. The place is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats.

We captured fantastic view of valley and its one of the major attraction here at Malshet Ghat, many wild animal can be seen like leopard, rabbits, tiger as well.

And then we started from Malshet Ghat, it took quite time for us to touch Nagar raod, (SH60), Nagar road is 4 lane road and unfortunately also has divider.

While ridding on highway, one doesn’t get feel of highway. People driving from wrong side, villagers coming suddenly from fields are very common on this highway.

Finally we reach to Cavalry Tank Museum, as I mentioned before it is the only museum of its kind in Asia about 50 exhibits of vintage armored fighting vehicles.

D’Prohdigul Sohn with german 88 MM anti Tank Gun at Cavalry Tank Museum

The older exhibits date to First World War vintage and served on the battlefields of Cambrian Somme and Flanders.

i am with Centurion Bahadur Tank at Cavalry Tank Museum

I was really excited to see and a large number of vehicles from Second World War period. Amongst the exhibits are british Valentine, Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go and Type 97 Chi-Ha, Sherman Crab flail tank, M47 Patton, Centurion Mark II, German Panzer and the Pride of india Vijayanta.

After that we ride toward Chand bibi ka Mahal also locally known as The Tomb of Salabat Khan.

Me and My Friend Pankaj at Chand Bibi Tomb

Chand Bibi was muslim women warrior, she acted as the Regent of Bijapur and Regent of Ahmednagar. Chand Bibi is best known for defending Ahmednagar against Mugal forces of Emperor Akbar in 1595.

After that we moved to Ahmednagar Fort, which is built by Ahmed Nizam Shah in 1490, this is one of the best designed and most impregnable forts in India, it is under control of military command of india.

The Ahmednagar Fort open for public only on 15th August and 26th January every year.

Hope you all liked my post and photos at Cavalry Tank Museum, Chand Bibi Tomb and Ahmednagar Fort, if so share it with your friends, our effort is explore and discover india travel guide through NRI Guide, absolutely not only for NRIs but for all my Indian who wish to travel in india.

All The Best & Happy Riding

D’Prohdigul Sohn

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