Saturday , July 21 2018

Discover India

Mysore Palace, Karnataka

Mysore Palace is the central piece of Mysore’s attractions. The sprawling Mysore Palace is located in the heart of Mysore city. Rather the road out of Mysore city appears radiating from the palace. The interior of Mysore Palace is richly carved, intricate, colorful and architecturally thrilling. It is from this palace ...

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Tithal Beach, Gujarat

Tithal Beach is a beach along the Arabian Sea located west of Valsad, Daman(a union territory)is divided into two areas, Moti Daman, Split by the Daman ganaga River. After the Portuguese successfully infiltrated Goa, they searched for a coastal territory in Gujarat to conduct trade. They landed in Daman, and ...

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Mountain Railways of India

The British establishment of India left behind at least one institution that’s still maintained and beloved to this very day—a sprawling railway system. Though tracks span the length and breadth of the subcontinent, no part of the system is more impressive than the three mountain railways grouped as a single ...

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Ajmer Sharif

The Lake city of Ajmer is well known for the Dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti. Devotees of all communities hold the ‘Dargah Sharif’ in Ajmer in great esteem. Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti had come from Persia and established the Chishtia (Sufi) order at Ajmer, India. Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti was ...

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