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12 Amazing Benefits Of Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology, yes I would like to share 12 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology, Hope you all will Love to read it!

Foot reflexology method is based on the concept that there exist several reflex points in our feet that are allied by nerves to several body parts, organ and glands.

You can persuade physiological changes, by Applying pressure and stimulation on these reflex points. Pressure can be applied with hands, fingers and rarely with other objects. It is an age-old healing method.

A foot reflexology therapist does not use creams or oils as opposed to typical masseurs. The proponents of foot reflexology are of the view that applying stimulation to specific points in the foot can streamline the flow of energy in your body.

As a matter of fact, foot reflexology sessions bring you more than just relief from aches and pains. By opting for the services of a skilled foot reflexology specialist, you can obtain a number of health benefits.

Foot Reflexology Benefits:

Feel Relax

When you come back from office and tired after a day’s work or feel aches in the legs and body after walking a long distance, foot reflexology can be very helpful. It brings a deep and relaxing sense of relaxation to the recipient. It makes the tensed nerves calmer, and you can feel the change. By opting for foot reflexology sessions, you can experience a boost in the blood flow circulation in the legs as well as other parts of your body. When the therapist applies pressure on specific reflex points in your feet, blood flow to vital body organs gets a boost. When body parts like the heart and lungs get adequate blood, they function at optimal levels.


Effective Pain Reduction

When the therapist applies the massage to your feet, your brain receives signals through nerves to secrete more endorphins. Endorphins act as natural painkillers of the human body, and so you feel a reduction in pain. A lot of women and men from many age groups suffer from pain in legs and feet from time to time. While the causes can be numerous, applying foot reflexology massage can bring relief in several such instances.


Improved Digestive Health

You may find it somewhat hard to believe, but foot reflexology can also help resolve digestive problems in your body. That is not to say it can replace all digestive medications, but anomalies in your body’s digestion procedure can be addressed by it to a large extent.

The digestive system is a complex and vital system involving the entire body, as it is. There are digestive system reflex points in the feet, and by stimulating these areas, your digestive system anomalies can be reduced. Problems like constipation and indigestion can be addressed by reflexology.foot-reflexology-2

Enhanced Memory

Using foot reflexology can help you enhance memory as well. When you opt for foot reflexology, your body parts, including your brain, receive an adequate flow of blood. It also ensures your brain receives the nutrients required for optimal functioning. Eventually, your brain’s cognitive efficacy and memory get a boost. A Chinese study indicated that elderly people suffering from memory loss related problems could benefit from availing foot reflexology massages.

Enhanced Capacity To Fight Depression

You can fight bouts of depression by using foot reflexology. There are specific reflex points in your feet that can simulate nerves associated with emotional stability and feelings. It may also help coping with general and post natal depression. People coping with problems like short temper, anxiety and stress induced negativity, can also benefit from reflexology.

Collection of reflexology foot massage
Collection of reflexology foot massage

Relief From Insomnia And Sleeping Anomalies

One of the most amazing health benefits of foot reflexology comes here! A lot of women and men suffer from insomnia and sleeping pattern disorders nowadays. The reasons could be varied, including long working hours, personal issues and dietary factors. Foot reflexology can alleviate sleeping problems to an extent. It helps calm down stressed and agitated nerves, and thereby induces better sleep.

Relief From High Blood Pressure

There is no denying how elevated blood pressure can wreck havoc with the cardiac health and paves the way for heart issues. Millions of individuals suffer from issues related to high blood pressure nowadays. With the application of foot reflexology techniques, it is possible to bring down hypertension or high blood pressure. Several studies have corroborated this view.

Energy Booster

It is quite commonplace for men and women to feel depleted at times. You could feel the lack of energy after walking long distances on a summer day or after using the staircase to reach your flat when the elevator is not working, for example. A session of foot reflexology can help you get a boost of energy. It helps stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, which energizes your body.

Toxin Elimination

A lot of ailments in your body have roots in the accumulation of toxic substances. When toxins remain in the bloodstream and body organs, they affect the functioning of digestive system, urinary tract, and many other organs. This eventually leads to minor to serious ailments. Application of foot reflexology helps discard toxins from the body by boosting bladder functioning and optimizing your urinary system functions.

Treat PMS

Regular foot massage is very useful in treating PMS (post menstrual syndrome) in women. It helps in treating the problem of mood swings, irritation, insomnia, fatigue, sadness, hot flashes etc. All you need is to massage the area behind your toe and feet to get relief.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Regular massaging is very useful in treating the problem of restless leg syndrome and treats the problem of throbbing sensation as well. All you need is to apply warm coconut oil all over your feet, soles and legs and massage gently for about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

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